Voters declare Aruba Mirza winner of ‘Tamasha Season 2’

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Voters declare Aruba Mirza winner of 'Tamasha Season 2'

Aruba Mirza, an emerging actor, won the prized award at the Tamasha season 2 finale, which aired on Saturday night. Other up-and-coming stars from the entertainment sector, including Omer Shahzad, Faizan Sheikh, Junaid Niazi, and Neha Khan, were among the finalists.

Hosted by Mohib Mirza, the finale included musical performances by Asim Azhar, a contestant in the competition, and Ali Sikander, a competitor who was eliminated a few days earlier to the finale by fewer votes. Adnan Siddiqui also performed on stage as Badshah Salamat, remaining seated on his throne during the entire performance.

Families of the top five competitors were present, and they came in the hopes that a member of their family would take home the trophy and the staggering Rs 25 lacs in cash.

All nine of the competitors who had previously been eliminated from the race, as well as several of the show’s fan favorites from the first season, including Tamasha season 1 winner Umer Aalam, were also in attendance.

The number of finalists shrank as the episode went on. Having garnered the fewest votes in the open public voting, Faizan was the first to be eliminated.

Neha was the next to go, and many fans and watchers were still in amazement at how far she had come despite being one of the least popular housemates.

After Neha, it was Omer’s time to drop out of the running, much to the dismay of numerous Tamasha supporters who had been hoping for him to be declared the winner.

Finally, the contest was between Junaid and Aruba, who developed a strong affinity thanks to their 50-day cohabitation.

The atmosphere was electric with anticipation as the crowd and previous participants awaited the much-anticipated announcement, with Adnan entering the center stage and the two finalists standing on either side of him.

Adnan delayed the announcement as long as he could before declaring Aruba the winner to loud applause and joy from the audience.

The second Tamasha was a formal version of the Big Brother reality show’s original format from the US. Tamasha, a reality television program similar to its American equivalent, forces competitors to live together in a single home and share household duties while being completely blocked off from the outside world.

To prevent themselves from being eliminated during the weekly elimination round and forcing them to compete for the winning reward and glory, they also simultaneously complete unique tasks and take part in complex games.

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