Paint Colors to Double the Size of Your Small Kitchen

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Paint Colors to Double the Size of Your Small Kitchen

No matter how filled your cabinets are, meal preparation in a small kitchen can feel cramped and dull. However, painting the modestly sized room could be the final piece of your design puzzle! Selecting the ideal paint colors for your tiny kitchen might significantly reduce the cost of your renovation plans. Sometimes all it takes to alter your perspective of the center of your house is a bright kitchen cabinet paint color! Painting your kitchen is a weekend job that will help you prepare for entertaining visitors, whether you’re cooking an intimate dinner for a loved one or a lavish spread for friends around your kitchen island.

The appropriate kitchen paint color can widen the walls of your small kitchen without breaking the bank and encourage your creativity to think big in little spaces. You don’t have to play it safe, even if white remains the color of choice of many because it appeals to the eye and gives the impression of more space and less clutter. Are neutrals not your thing? Instead, use calming hues like sage or a gray-blue, or high-gloss or satin finishes that add sparkle. Adhering to the existing color palette in your home is the crucial design element to making your kitchen appear spacious.

Even if you merely paint the kitchen cabinets, this will lengthen the color story and keep the flow. For color inspiration and space-saving storage suggestions, we looked to the pros. The small kitchen paint color ideas listed below will demonstrate the endless power of picking the perfect colors for your home.

1. Shades of Blue

This kitchen by Garrow Kedigian is serene and friendly, making it the ideal place to start when adding a serene color to your room. By utilizing three different colors of blue to create depth, it’s clever to divide a kitchen into different areas and make it appear larger. It feels airy in this room since the lightest one is stretched to the ceiling, emphasizing its height.

2. Lush Green

If the door to your kitchen opens to the outside, you should paint the floors a deep, grass-like green to bring the outdoors within. To maintain the relaxed atmosphere, arrange your bar cart and artwork influenced by nature.

3. Brass and navy blue

Reena After a flood, Ravi saw a chance to renovate her open-concept Seattle studio space. Brass was utilized as the beginning point by Ravis, who was going for “sultry urban glam.” It’s a small but exciting room with lots of little nuances to find out more about, adds Ravi.

4. Orange Terracotta

A rural kitchen can indeed have color. This dark orange color brings out the rust color in the kitchen backsplash, enhancing its rustic appeal and feel. To increase the amount of light reflecting onto the kitchen island, paint the interior of the lantern white.

5. Light yellow

Choose a cool, soft yellow that rivals the sun to make a small galley kitchen feel big. Whether you are making coffee or doing dishes in the morning, it will make you feel upbeat.

6.      Mauve

This mauve color is understated but edgy, adding drama without making a scene. Designer Celia Bryson rejected the conventional barn red the client was originally thinking of in favor of a subtle yet seductive substitute.

7. Green mint

From the tile to the counters, Justina Blakeney’s “bungalow” is entirely green. If your kitchen doubles as your dining room, a monochromatic theme adds interest and excitement. The concept continues even with the living room’s ombre dining bar stools!

8. Orange Red

Choose a vivid, reddish-orange paint color for your small kitchen to make a huge statement! According to designer Matthew Boland, who aimed to give a Florida kitchen’s cabinets vitality, it will make your kitchen vibrant and full of life. White walls and stainless steel appliances will tame the color.

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