Apple is working on a new, powerful iPhone battery.

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Apple is working on a new, powerful iPhone battery.

Apple has been taking steps to reduce its need for external suppliers. Years ago, Apple started to use its own M series SoCs in MacBooks, and the corporation has been creating proprietary modems as well, but that’s not all.

Based on a claim from ETNews, the US tech giant is allegedly developing next-generation battery technology for iPhones, which might make its debut in 2025. According to the source, Apple has been developing this battery technology for years and is spending an enormous sum of money to create components that will use these new batteries.

While this technology is originally meant for iPhones, if the performance meets expectations, it is likely to soon extend to iPads and other Apple products.

The Vision Pro mixed reality headset might even use it.

With distinct anode and cathode materials, the business wants to create a new kind of battery from the start-up. According to ETNews, the cathode material will be entirely different from the batteries we use today, consisting of a blend of aluminum, manganese, cobalt, and nickel. Apple is also thinking about using carbon nanotubes to boost efficiency.

There are reports that Apple hired an executive for battery development from Samsung SDI. As previously reported, Apple’s new battery technology will likely go on sale in 2025, though supply and production issues may cause a delay.

However, considering that Apple’s battery technology rumors have been operating strong for a long time—nearly as long as the Apple Car leaks—we suggest taking this information with a grain of salt.

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