YouTube Is Adding a New Play Random Video Button

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YouTube Is Adding a New Play Random Video Button

Sometimes it can take a while to find a video on YouTube, which is especially true if your food gets cold. But YouTube has launched a new button that will randomly select films for you to help in the decision-making process.

This mysterious button will show up in the middle of your channel on YouTube and, in response to your ideas, will play a randomly selected Shorts video. Several individuals have seen this on the YouTube Android app.

It has been noted before, though, that this specific characteristic exists. This button was found by a Reddit user back in May, so it looks like YouTube has been testing it for some time. Additionally, there will be another black button with the same purpose in the feed’s lower right corner.

As previously stated, this should assist you in selecting a video if you have trouble deciding. Although these two randomized buttons occurred at various times for different users, it is conceivable that they are being tested equally.

Since YouTube has not yet made an official release concerning this button, not many facts are currently known.

This button is not yet officially a part of YouTube experiments because it is only visible to a handful of viewers. Users can test new features through experiments before they are made public to the general public.

Before YouTube officially acknowledges it, which is likely to happen soon, we will also get more details.

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