YouTube Introduces Arcade Games for Paid Users

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YouTube Introduces Arcade Games for Paid Users

Playables, the latest version of YouTube Premium, allows you to play arcade games in addition to removing ads. Arcade games can be enjoyed by users in a separate area of the YouTube app or desktop website called Playables.

Right now, YouTube is making sure Premium users are aware through notifications that they can turn on Playables in the settings.

You can start playing any of the 37 games that are currently readily available including Angry Birds Showdown, as soon as you enable the Playables page.

The most notable feature is that none of the games require downloads; they all work flawlessly with both the YouTube mobile app and the desktop browser.

Though its success is still unknown, this strategy mirrors what we’ve seen from Netflix.

It’s interesting to note that even YouTube seems unsure about the end, saying that the service will be available until March 28, 2024, at which time a decision about whether or not to keep the Playables feature will probably be made. Thus, Playables’ future rests on consumer approval through March 2024.

The news follows the video-sharing website’s extensive global campaign against ad blockers.

 Many individuals felt obligated by the crackdown to disable their ad blockers, while many others just moved to better options that could get over YouTube‘s restrictions.

Some ad blockers, on the other hand, just scroll through ads quickly without stopping.

More recently, some users theorized that Google is penalizing people who use ad-block by making some browsers take longer to load.

 A video that was posted on Reddit by a user demonstrated how each video took five seconds to load. The Redditor even looked into the likelihood that it was a browser-related issue, but no problems were found.

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