Sana Javed shares that she is ‘so proud’ of husband Shoaib Malik

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Sana Javed shares that she is 'so proud' of husband Shoaib Malik

The actor Sana Javed and cricketer Shoaib Malik, who just celebrated their vows in a private ceremony, are receiving a lot of congratulations and good wishes. After the event, Sana posted several Instagram Stories expressing her gratitude for her husband.

Sana posted a news clip on her Instagram Stories highlighting Shoaib’s latest achievement. Per the news footage, the cricket player has achieved an incredible feat of surpassing 13,000 runs in T20 cricket, making him the first batsman in Asia to do so. “MashAllah, so proud,” Sana wrote, using a red love emoji.

Sana also shared a post from blogger Irfanistan, who sent a handwritten prayer for the newlyweds’ well-being to Makkah along with warm wishes. The blogger’s action was a way to show the couple support as they started their married life. After saying the prayer, Sana wrote, “Ameen, thank you.”

Previously, Shoaib and Sana announced their unexpected marriage on social media and shared two charming photos from their wedding celebrations. The touching line, “And We created you in pairs,” was followed by the elegant expression of thankfulness, “Alhamdulillah,” in the caption that went with the photo. The duo, dressed in well-synchronized costumes, is shown in the photos cuddling up to each other.

Since then, the unexpected and abrupt news has swept the public, quickly going viral on numerous social media platforms. Sana Mirza, the singer Umair Jaswal’s wife, and Shoaib, the former tennis player and former wife of Sania Mirza, stunned their admirers on a calm Saturday morning with the shocking news. The abrupt nature of this disclosure has understandably left many in awe, struggling to assimilate this surprising turn of events.

Fans are expressing their shock and amazement as the internet is a flurry of chatter and conjecture around the unexpected union. The choice by Shoaib and Sana to post about their happiness on social media has not only captured the attention of their fans, but it has also resulted in a deluge of congratulations and well wishes.

The unannounced marriage of Shoaib and Sana has drawn attention and excitement to the celebrity newssphere as it keeps making the rounds on the internet. The unexpected disclosure has unquestionably added a degree of fascination to the developing story of their union, with the public eagerly expecting additional details about their recently formed relationship.

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