Govt is launching National Firewall to Control What Users Can Post on X, Facebook, YouTube

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Govt is launching National Firewall to Control What Users Can Post on X, Facebook, YouTube

The federal government is implementing a national firewall to regulate social media content and prevent unwanted material from reaching a broader audience.

According to The News, the new firewall will examine information from various internet protocol addresses, pinpoint locations producing propaganda material, and block or limit the visibility of such content.

The system will utilize keyword filtering to detect and obscure undesirable content, preventing it from being seen by external users. This firewall will monitor platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and X. Additionally, measures are being prepared to control Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

Although the government blocked X for several months, many users still accessed it through VPNs. Initial actions against VPNs upset the corporate community, leading the authorities to temporarily pause the restriction.

The blockade of X has significantly decreased its user base in Pakistan, dropping from 4.5 million to 2.4 million users. It appears that X’s management is gradually complying with the federal government’s demands to block accounts that disseminate controversial content or openly discuss sensitive information on the platform.

Notably, in April, the Interior Ministry submitted a detailed report to the Islamabad High Court explaining the reasons behind blocking X in Pakistan. The report stated that X was not registered in Pakistan and did not comply with Pakistani laws.

According to the report, X’s non-compliance with local laws led to its blockage. At the time, the Interior Ministry confidently asserted that the request to block X did not violate fundamental rights.

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