Free School Education For Workers Children: Admission In Workers Welfare Schools

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Free School Education For Workers Children: Admission In Workers Welfare Schools

The workers’ welfare schools in Punjab have announced that they will provide free education to workers’ children. Workers’ welfare schools around the province are already accepting applications for the academic year 2023–2024. By March 20, 2023, the approved schools must receive admission application submissions. Children of workers are the only ones who can enroll in the associated schools.

For the open seats, private candidates may also apply for admission to the Worker Welfare Schools. In each class, a maximum of 20% of private applicants may be admitted. Application forms are available from the school principal’s office for a charge. PKR: 10/-

Eligibility Criteria for Workers

The worker needs to fulfill the following criteria:

  1. If a person satisfies the requirements of the Industrial Relations Act of 2010’s definition of a worker, they are eligible to work for labor department.
  2. The worker should possess a current social security card.
  3. A service period is not necessary for Category-I workers, but they should have a minimum of three years of work experience.
  4. Workers or Miners should be covered by EOBI or Social Security. In the case of non-covered, an undertaking is required as mentioned in the advertisement.
  5. The worker/miners’ group should be registered under the Factories Act or Mines Act, and it must be paid 2% into the Workers’ Welfare Fund or 5% under the 1968 Act on Worker Participation.
  6. If a worker or miner passed away or became disabled while on the job, registered under the EOBI or Social Security, and his widow or other legal successor received a Death Award from the Punjab Workers’ Welfare Board, then the child(ren) is also qualified to apply for this scholarship.

How to Apply for Admission to PWWF Schools?

Application forms are available at the school’s main office.

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