Adnan Raza Mir & Aena Khan’s Subtle Romance in Fairytale Wins Audience

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Adnan Raza Mir & Aena Khan’s Subtle Romance in Fairytale Wins Audience

The HUM TV Ramadan drama Fairytale, directed by Ali Hassan and written by Sarah Majeed, offers new actors and fresh couplings that are which has us cheering for the show.

The audience is glued to their televisions thanks to the hot and sassy chemistry between the lead characters, Umeed (Sehar Khan) and Farjad (Hamza Sohail), while the viewers have fallen in love with the delicate, sweet transfers between newcomers Aena Khan as Haya and Adnan Raza Mir as Sameer.

The drama’s premise centers on the courtship of two young couples and how their bond develops over time.

The drama, which also features romance and a dash of humor, elicits a wide spectrum of emotions.

The two couples are a wonderful contrast to one another, with one using a more restrained expression to declare their love and the other constantly teasing.

An unexpected turn in Umeed and Farjad’s story seems to be coming. Haya and Sameer, meantime, are optimistic that their unadulterated love will blossom.

We are eager to see Aena Khan and Adnan Raza Mir’s happy ending because they have exceeded themselves.

Further playing crucial roles in the cast are Ali Safina, Saleem Sheikh, Salma Hasan, Tehseen Wajahat, Hina Rizvi, and Saman Ansari.

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