Pehlaaj Shares Challenges Of Life As a Single Child

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Pehlaaj Shares Challenges Of Life As a Single Child

Iqrar ul Hassan’s family has been in front of the media since the very start of his career. His wife Qurutulain Iqrar and Farah Iqrar also work as journalists, and we have observed them reading the news and hosting shows. Pehlaaj Hassan, his only child, had his acting debut in Alif, playing the young Qalb e Momin, and was nominated for a Lux Style Award. He has been hosting shows since he was a little child.

Pehlaaj is maturing, and he gave some information about his life. He revealed that his mother, Qurutulain Iqrar, is now a teacher and no longer works as a news anchor. Pehlaaj said that because he is an only child, his mother is highly possessive of him and that he spends most of his time with her while his father is at work.

Someone questioned Pehlaaj about his go-to person for assistance. He claimed that he goes to his father when he wants pricey items like a phone or a vacation to London, asking his mother first if it’s something small like his school tuition or dinner.

Pehlaaj also discussed the difficulties of being an only child. He has advantages like not having to share things, but he also has drawbacks like his mother is always following him and he can’t go to many places. 

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