Opposition determined to not give SIC walkover in K-P Assembly

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Opposition determined to not give SIC walkover in K-P Assembly

The chief minister, speaker, and deputy speaker posts in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Assembly are up for election, and opposition parties have declared that they want to field candidates for these positions.

The opposition parties pledged during the meeting to make their nominees public prior to the first assembly session, which is set for Wednesday, February 28, when the newly elected members will take the oath of office.

The opposition parties are getting ready to run against the Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC), which has more than 80 members, in the provincial legislature. Together, they have 25 members.

The opposition is determined about running for speaker, deputy speaker, and chief minister despite the SIC’s numerical lead.

The race for the highly sought-after seats coincides with a significant change in the region assembly’s landscape, as independent candidates with a majority of PTI connections won 91 of the 115 general seats offered.
Amazingly, 87 of these independent winners who had previously supported the PTI have switched to the SIC, a party that was unable to gain any general seats in the legislature for the province.

Nearly all of the reserved seats are ready to be awarded to the SIC should the ECP rule in the PTI’s favor. However, commentators believe that a significant constitutional problem may arise if the ECP decides that these seats cannot be allocated among independents who have to sign on with only parties that have legislative representation.

As for the strategic strategy, opposition sources suggest that it is intended to block any attempts by SIC candidates to secure victories without opposition.

The opposition will gather in advance of the assembly session to finalize their leader’s nomination and talk about possible candidates for the three pivotal seats. Finding a candidate who can encapsulate the opposition’s unified position is the aim.

The opposition, according to insiders, is determined to hold its ground against the SIC. Decisions shall be taken through a consultation manage, taking into account the present circumstances, in the event of any communication or negotiation with the SIC.

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