Chinese Company hands over 160 e-buses to Pakistan

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Chinese Company hands over 160 e-buses to Pakistan

On Saturday, a Chinese company delivered 160 high-end electric buses to Pakistan in a ceremony held at Suzhou Industrial Park in Jiangsu province.

With a value exceeding RMB 150 million, this marks Pakistan’s significant introduction of a large quantity of pure electric buses, as reported by China Economic Net (CEN).

Key officials from Pakistan, including General Manager Suzhou Higer Qiu Yuanhong, Deputy General Manager Xie Jianghong, Customer Service Director Jiang Haifeng, and General Manager of Overseas Sales, attended the ceremony and expressed their appreciation for the buses, which had been tested the day before and performed impeccably in appearance, performance, and other aspects.

Higer’s new energy buses have already captured the largest market share in Pakistan since the company entered the market in 2006.

They have consistently adapted to local conditions, addressing challenges such as dusty and congested roads through technological innovation and the customization of high-quality buses.

The newly exported batch of pure electric buses offers advantages such as zero emissions, low operating costs, and minimal noise pollution, contributing significantly to the efficiency of public transportation and the overall quality of residents’ travel.

 These buses boast a cruising range of over 250 kilometers and feature advanced cathodic electrophoresis technology for extended anti-corrosion durability exceeding ten years.

Intelligent software is a notable feature of these buses, with the inclusion of the T-BOX intelligent operation system.

 This system monitors real-time driver behavior and vehicle operation data, ensuring operational safety and safeguarding passenger travel.

The initiative aligns with the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and the Belt and Road Initiative, reflecting a commitment to more efficient and environmentally friendly transportation reforms in the future.

The arrival of these 160 electric buses in Pakistan marks a pivotal moment, propelling the high-quality development of CPEC and BRI in the realm of public transportation.

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