Lahore changes hotel and restaurant hours

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Lahore changes hotel and restaurant hours

The district administration of Lahore has increased the closing times for restaurants and food delivery services operating inside its boundaries.

All restaurants, coffee shops, cafés, and other eateries are now permitted to stay open until 11 PM every day of the week, according to an official announcement made by the Deputy Commissioner (DC) Lahore.

However, delivery services for food are now allowed to stay open until 12:30 AM. The development came about as a result of the Lahore High Court’s (LHC) directives while a lawsuit involving Lahore’s haze was being heard.

Here is the notification.

The LHC has ordered Lahore’s administration to guarantee that food establishments shut down at 10 PM from Monday through Thursday in December 2022. Restaurants have to close at 11 PM on weekends.

However, this has since changed, and the operating hours of food establishments have been adjusted.

The district administration was instructed by the LHC to initiate a crackdown against food companies that did not have parking spaces last month.

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