NADRA provides a facility for older people’s biometrics

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NADRA provides a facility for older people's biometrics

A biometric biometric verification solution based on artificial intelligence has been made available by the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) for seniors over 60. The senior folks will be asked AI-based private questions for identity verification to get around biometrics, according to NADRA Chairman Muhammad Tariq Malik. Senior citizens will be regarded as validated after the necessary responses are received, particularly during biometric verification at banks.

Easy Biometric Verification for Senior Citizens

The NADRA chairman stated during the NADRA Tasdeeq service launch ceremony that the department had received lots of complaints from senior citizens who had encountered numerous challenges during the verification process, particularly in banks where they were needed to record their fingerprints multiple times due to their advanced age. The department has introduced an AI-based method to address the problem.

Age-related skin elasticity decrease making it more challenging for elderly people to accurately register their fingerprints for official paperwork. For the elderly, opening bank accounts and receiving money from any official source becomes an extremely onerous procedure. Five banks have already started using the service: MCB, Allied Bank, Bank Al Falah, Bank of Khyber, and Soneri Bank. National Bank, Askari Bank, First Women Bank Limited, and Khushali Bank are currently conducting final testing in preparation for the service’s introduction.

Know Your Customer (KYC) System

The NADRA database’s personal information will be used to generate questions for the KYC system, which will then ask consumers three verified personal questions twice before granting authorization. Tariq Malik hoped that by using the new solution system, the banks will successfully carry out their Know Your Customer activity for senior citizens.

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