Virat Kohli & Babar Azam are in tough competition: Rashid Khan

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Virat Kohli & Babar Azam are in tough competition: Rashid Khan

Rashid Khan, an Afghanistan spinner, was asked to name cricketers who specialize at specific shots. Rashid Khan didn’t waste any time complimenting Indian batting ace Virat Kohli when it came to choosing the player with the best cover drive in the world.

Khan describes Kohli as being the best example of this graceful stroke. He praises Kohli’s cover drive for both its visual appeal and the resonant sound it makes when it makes contact with the ball.

“I think Virat Kohli is the best cover-drive player in the world. In a video released by ESPNCricinfo, Rashid observed, “His cover drive looks excellent and sounds terrific.

Rashid believes that Babar Azam of Pakistan does come very close to outperforming Kohli in terms of executing the best cover drive, though. He also mentioned New Zealand’s captain Kane Williamson, hinting that Williamson’s mastery of the cover drive is also impressive.

“Yes, without a doubt, Babar is close behind. The battle between Babar, Virat, and Kane Williamson is fierce, he added.

Rashid said that Younis Khan, a renowned Pakistani batsman, is the best when the topic of the sweep shot came up.

“Younis Khan played the sweep shot as well as anyone, except none. I pick up ideas from watching him play the sweep shot in his YouTube videos, said Rashid.

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