vivo V27e & Babar Azam; Winning partnership & combination for smarter generation

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vivo V27e & Babar Azam; Winning partnership & combination for smarter generation

As the official brand ambassador for Vivo’s most recent V Series smartphone, the vivo V27e, the worldwide technology company vivo announces the continuation of its cooperation with Babar Azam, the highly regarded captain of the Pakistan Cricket team.

This partnership between vivo and Babar Azam is a testament to Vivo’s dedication to giving customers cutting-edge mobile phone technology and an unmatched user experience. Vivo hopes to strengthen its market position and develop a closer relationship with users through this agreement.

“I’m thrilled to extend my work with vivo,” declared Babar Azam, “a company that is highly creative and customer-focused. My interest in Vivo’s cutting-edge technology has always been stimulated so I’m eager to collaborate with them on the V27e.

Babar Azam mentioned his great joy at joining vivo, a business that has a strong dedication to customer satisfaction and is well-regarded by Pakistan’s youth. “I am very pleased with the V27e,” he continued, “and especially with its outstanding photographic capabilities, which are made possible by the 64MP OIS Ultra-Sensing photographic. The V27e is a pleasure to use and hold because of its slim flat frame design.

With its excellent camera capabilities, user-friendly image technology, and contemporary hardware improvements, the V27e is ready to establish a new benchmark for smartphone excellence. The smartphone’s 64MP OIS Ultra-Sensing Camera can take ultra-HD pictures and videos.

A 4600mAh battery and 66W FlashCharge technology are additional features of the vivo V27e for an easy charge process. The smartphone stands out thanks to its cutting-edge features including Low-Light Portrait, 4D Game Vibration, and Optical Image Stabilization.

With Babar Azam as its brand ambassador, vivo is excited to strengthen its brand identity and give its customers an unparalleled mobile phone experience.

We at vivo Pakistan, according to Zohair Chohan, Director of Brand Strategy, “embody the BENFEN philosophy, which prioritizes doing the right thing and doing it correctly.” To give the greatest products possible for our clients, our brand is dedicated to innovation, modern design, and product quality. Our success with the V25 Series has only served to bolster our motivation to perform even better with the V27e in Pakistan.

We are happy to have Babar Azam as our V27e ambassador since he exemplifies these ideals via his determination to follow his dreams and become one of Pakistan’s most adored young celebrities. For instance, the V27e exhibits our commitment to delivering the best in design and technology with its excellent 64MP OIS Ultra-Sensing Camera, which produces Glowing Portraits with fine details.

The impending V27e launch will be quite exciting, and because of its cutting-edge features, it may completely change the Pakistani market.

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