Eat Festival 2023 The Big food event in Karachi

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Eat Festival 2023 The Big food event in Karachi

The most famous food festival in Pakistan, Karachi Eat 2023, is arriving and promises to be bigger than before. This year will be the year to EAT BIG, so make sure your eating strategy is solid. This year’s festival marks ten years of historic events and celebrations entirely focused on the love of food and community.

The most well-known and recognized food festival in Pakistan is the Eat Festival Karachi edition, formerly known as Karachi Eat. The festival has served as a platform for aspiring food entrepreneurs for the past ten years, allowing them to do the most cutting-edge fare to a demanding crowd of food lovers of all ages. Over 250,000 excited visitors are expected for the event in Karachi from January 6–8, 2023.

What is Karachi Eat:

The KARACHI EAT is a food festival created with the goal of giving food lovers a single gathering place. The main highlight of this celebration is a sizable space that has been turned into a foodie’s paradise for three days of eating, drinking, and entertainment. The KARACHI EAT festival honors the whole variety of foods our city has to offer, from the most innovative and talented chefs to street vendors.

 Benefits associated with this event:

The “Karachi Eat” gives different food start-ups the chance to set up their stalls and sell categorized food items to food fans attending the festival.

For small eateries looking to expand their clientele and build a brand identity to bring in year-round business, Karachi Eat Festival has established a solid reputation as a profitable venue.

The festival’s main goal was to unite individuals from all walks of life and give those in our gastronomic community much-needed opportunities. In keeping with its original intent, the 2023 Eat Festival Karachi edition has gone one step further by giving students from culinary schools a springboard into the food sector. Over 125 Foods vendors delivering the cities best that the city has to offer will be present at the event this year.

Online Visitors Enjoy Food At Home:

The online edition of the festival, which promises to be the biggest of its type in the Asian region, is another interesting feature of this year’s Eat Festival. To create this online experience, “Eat Cloud powered by panda kitchens,” the largest network of Cloud Kitchens in Pakistan, collaborated with food panda Pakistan, the top online food and retail platform. Online visitors can place food orders from the festival and enjoy it at home. For this purpose, a fleet of food panda riders will be on hand.

The following singers will perform:

At the festival, prominent artists Asim Azhar, Young Stunners, Bilal Maqsood, and Zeb Bangash will perform. To greet the food community, media partners Eats Official, a division of Eat Food Pakistan Private Limited, will be on-site.

The event can be managed by:

This year, “The Curators” will be in charge of managing the event’s on-site operations.

At the largest food festival in the city, the hosts are ready to greet foodies. Eat Food Pakistan Private Limited is the parent company of Eat Festival, Eat Cloud, Eats Official, and CKO Events.

Location, starting time, and ticket price of the event:

The location is Beach View Park.

Event dates are January 6, 7, and 8.

6th (4 pm-10.30 am), 7th, and 8th days of the event (12 pm-10.30 pm)

The Early Bird ticket cost is 500 rupees.

Eat Food Festival Karachi 2023 regular tickets cost 600Rs (6th Jan)

Regular Ticket – (Only Families Allowed)  PKR 600

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