PAK vs NZ: Babar rejects wrong impression regarding team bonding

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PAK vs NZ: Babar rejects wrong impression regarding team bonding

Pakistan’s captain, Babar Azam, rejected on Wednesday the idea that his team loses bonding, saying rather that they always play as one team.
The announcement came  Thursday’s fourth Twenty20 International in the current series against New Zealand in Lahore.
“Our relations are strong. Yes, when we lose, we talk about the positives and negatives, which helps us grow closer as a team, Babar stated at a news conference.

He added that their current series against New Zealand is mostly being used to conduct trials to assemble a strong team for the upcoming T20 World Cup, which the US and West Indies will host in June.

“We will try to give enough chances to players who are going to the World Cup on the top four slots and the basic motivation behind this series is to do experiments to form a good combination,” he stated.

And we will talk to each player before moving them to a different position. Everything is done through appropriate communication and understanding. Every participant is given confidence, and our goal is to improve the nation’s performance index.”

Babar stated that their plans would not be altered by criticism. “We favor initiatives that can help the national team and the country.” I firmly believe in it, and that is my motivation,” he stated.

Babar said it’s just part of the game when asked if the players’ training was impacted by a difficult camp at Kakul.

“We play a lot of difficult, solid cricket. Every time you go on a tour, you plan to work on your skills and fitness. See, that’s all part of the fun,” he remarked.

“We strive to care for every athlete, but injuries are a part of the game. A camp always benefits your mental and physical well-being. Neither I nor anyone else has ever experienced not focusing on fitness.

“We are attempting to provide the 15 to 16 players that are available with opportunities to show their abilities under different conditions and be ready for the task at issue.

He was quick to add, “We are giving them confidence and it will help onwards.”

When asked about Muhammad Rizwan’s health problems, Babar replied that important players are always missed.

“Rizawan was missed by the entire team.” You look at how he has helped the team and the country. He continually tries to offer his best and is a fighter,” he said. While his injury is not serious, we want to be safe and will be taking procedures to save him. He will receive the most effective treatment during his recovery at NCA. Insha’Allah, he will be available soon. I hope he’ll be ready before the Ireland series,” he said.

Babar replied, “It depends on the situation,” when asked if he would also play at number three in this series because he has performed well there.

“It is possible to try different players on that spot if we are to go with a different mindset and with a different plan,” Babar stated.

“We lost the last game as a team, not because of one or two individuals. We made errors in fielding as well, and if we had done better there, the outcome of the game may have been different. We also made blunders in batting and bowling. We win and lose as a team, so it is wrong to place blame on anyone.

The two greatest bowlers, Shaheen and Naseem, are skilled at making a comeback. It occurs if they misfire in a game. Every player should contribute, and if someone doesn’t, the others should make it up.”

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