Gujranwala Motorway Link Project to be Completed in 90 Days

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Gujranwala Motorway Link Project to be Completed in 90 Days

The Gujranwala Motorway Link, a Rs. 11 billion project that would connect the city with the highway, has started construction work. The project is expected to be finished in 90 days and will give the city’s 600,000 citizens much-needed travel comfort.

The project entails building a 58.1-kilometer stretch of road, two flyovers included, to link Gujranwala with an interchange close to Mooramanabad. The project would be finished as soon as possible, according to Gujranwala’s Deputy Commissioner (DC), Fayyaz Aslam, who also promised that the motorway won’t be blocked while it is being built.

The fact that Gujranwala is now connected to the highway is being hailed as a significant milestone. The new connection will increase regional economic activity and give locals easier, faster access to other parts of the nation.

The National Highways and Motorways Authority (NHA) is in charge of the project’s execution, with funding provided by the Punjab government. According to the NHA, the road would be constructed to the highest standards and offer a secure connection between Gujranwala and the highway.

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