Finally, Shoaib Malik breaks the silence over divorce rumors

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Shoaib Malik breaks the silence over divorce rumors

Shoaib Malik finally breaks the silence over divorce rumors

Finally speaking out about the rumors of his and his wife Sania Mirza’s impending divorce, Pakistani cricket player Shoaib Malik appealed to the public to “leave it alone.”

The right-hand batter expressed his displeasure to a local publication about the constant media attention on the rumors and gossip about his impending separation from his wife of 12 years. Added Shoaib:

 “It worries us. My wife and I are not responding to this question. Leave it alone.”

Malik and Mirza continued to be the topic of conversation as social media rumors about their divorce became widely shared. Malik sent his wife birthday wishes on Mirza’s 36th birthday, but she didn’t respond.

Malik’s post was eagerly watched by their followers because they wanted to know whether there was a problem between them.

The couple was seen filming for their new celebrity show, “Mirza Malik Show,” amid reports of their impending divorce. The couple will co-host the program for a streaming service in Pakistan. This month will see the release of the show.

Shoaib Malik will focus on spending time with his family

Shoaib responded when asked about entering show business that he will always be open to any opportunity, saying, “I don’t close any doors just for me. I won’t say no if a good chance presents itself.”

He continued by saying that he had already presented a few concerts.

The all-around athlete did, however, add that he hardly ever had time to devote to an entertainment career because of his family. He mentioned that his son Izhaan had begun school and that he would prioritize spending as much time as possible with his family.

He responded that he has many friends in the entertainment world in both India and Pakistan and does not want to hurt anyone by taking a name when asked if he would like to have a biopic made about his career and, if so, whom he would like to play him on screen. “I will reply to this question if I ever consider creating a biopic. There isn’t one in place yet, “Finally, he said.

 The Mirza, Malik Show

Just days after rumors of the couple’s divorce had netizens confused, the show was announced.

Sania and Shoaib were seen on the poster holding hands and facing a green wall, with her hand resting on his shoulder.

social media user, had commented, “Was it a publicity stunt”?

“So, the divorce was staged for publicity. Shame, “According to Indian media, another person wrote. After getting married in 2010, Shoaib and Sania have resided in Dubai. In 2018, they welcomed their son Izhaan.

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