Alkhidmat foundation-Water Filter plants D.G Khan

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Alkhidmat foundation-Water Filter plants D.G Khan

The relief and charity work started by the Al-khidmat Foundation Pakistan has been carried on for 50 years. Indeed, it began offering its services with the founding of Pakistan. Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan” was founded in 1990 as an Organization under the Societies Act to serve TO HUMANITY.

As a non-profit, non-governmental, and non-political organization, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan is dedicated to serving humanity, especially the helpless and orphans, without any kind of bias and to improving their health, education, financial stability, way of life, availability of clean water, mosques, and other aspects of daily life.

Alkhidmat Foundation was also granted the award during the seminar for its outstanding performance in the flood-affected areas.

But the area that I am going to mention in this article is Darkhast Jamal Khan Janobi 1 Basti Atta Muhammad Khosa DG Khan division district kotchutta and My native village where unpure water has been used for many years and due to this water many deadly diseases have arisen like diarrhea, hepatitis and many more. And many precious lives were lost due to this water.

A few miles away from our village is a chuck filter plant. From where the people of the village used to spend a liter of petrol to get clean water. But skyrocketing petrol prices have forced many people to forego access to clean water. But after the tireless efforts of Imran Khosa and Nawab Baloch, the Al-Khidmat Foundation of Pakistan has approved a filter plant.

A few weeks ago, the material of the filter plant reached the site and today the work has started on it. I think this is a very good effort of Imran Khosa who not only saved his township but also the people of his area from water diseases.

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