OnePlus phones will now have a “Zero Net Profit Margin”

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OnePlus phones will now have a "Zero Net Profit Margin"

Last Saturday, OnePlus celebrated to mark its ninth anniversary. The brand made several noteworthy statements about its future ambitions, one of which was a new strategic alliance between Oppo and OnePlus. As a result, over the next three years, Oppo will invest $1.43 billion into OnePlus.

Under the new dual-brand approach, OnePlus will be the main brand for flagship devices. To keep its products of great quality and affordably priced, OnePlus will also have zero profit margins on its products. Hopefully, this indicates that OnePlus phones will once again be more inexpensive.

Only online in China will OnePlus sell its products, reflecting how the business initially began its operations. Additionally, customers will be able to receive repairs at Oppo service locations across the nation. The most current OnePlus devices and accessories are already available at Oppo’s Chinese online store. Not to mention, the OnePlus community app has been reopened in China to enable users to share and debate everything OnePlus.

11 OnePlus

The eagerly awaited OnePlus 11 series is going to be the Chinese company’s following significant launch. Although a launch date has not yet been confirmed, given this series normally makes its debut in the first quarter of every year, we anticipate the OnePlus 11 will do the same.

OnePlus has already confirmed the phone’s design in an official teaser trailer, even though we don’t yet know when it will go on sale. The design in this trailer is the same as what we previously saw in leaked photos. The OnePlus 11 is anticipated to come equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC, a 2K 120Hz OLED screen with LTPO, a 50MP primary camera, and a 5,000 m Ah battery with support for both 50W and 100W wireless charging.

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