Qatar Announces Good News for People Looking for Residence Visas or Visit

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Qatar Announces Good News for People Looking for Residence Visas or Visit

The regulations and procedures governing the entry of residents’ families for visits and residency underwent significant modifications recently by the Ministry of Interior in Qatar.

In keeping with the state’s overall strategy, this calculated action is a component of a larger project meant to improve the general caliber of services offered.

The Key Benefits of the updates:

  • People who are reuniting with families in Qatar will benefit best from these updates.
  • Foreign workers exploring possibilities for jobs in Qatar that offer family sponsorship.
  • Families planning for extended stays in Qatar.

Sponsoring Families: Updated Guidelines and Rules

Sponsoring families is now subject to specific requirements specified in the employee’s electronic employment contract, which mainly deals with pay and accommodation details.

Employees in the government and semi-government sectors must either acquire family housing via their employer or maintain a salary of no less than QAR 10,000, as attested to by a contract of employment.

Workers in the Private Sector (Technical/Specialized Fields): As per the conditions of the employment contract, they must have family housing and a salary threshold of at least QAR 10,000 or QAR 6,000.

Conditions and Criteria for Family Sponsorship:

Family sponsorship cases need to meet particular criteria. Girls must not be married, and children should not be more than 25. Sponsors have to provide health insurance for the duration of their family’s visit, beginning on the day of entry into this country.

Enrollment in approved schools around the country is required for children lying under the 6–18 age range that is subject to mandatory education.

As an alternative, the Ministry of Education and Higher Learning-supervised educational platform may be used to offer proof of enrollment in schools outside of the nation. When a residency permit is issued or renewed, this criteria is considered necessary.

  • Pay and Housing Requirements: Based on the e-work contract of the employee.
  • Employees of the Government and Semi-Government: Must obtain family housing via their employment or earn a minimum of QAR 10,000 in pay.
  • Employees in the private sector are required to have a technical or specialized job and be paid QAR 10,000, or QAR 6,000 if they live with a certified family.
  • Sponsored Children’s Age Limit: 25 years old (daughters must be single).
  • Health insurance is required and must cover the whole duration of the visit.

Family Visit Guidelines: 

Sponsoring residents must be employed in non-labor sectors and make at least QAR 5,000 per month to be eligible for family visits. A need is also a family living that has been authorized by the appropriate authorities.

Without regard to age restrictions, visitors may be family members of the sponsoring resident to the extent that is allowed. Visitors must have health insurance that covers their entire stay in Qatar.

  • Sponsor’s Job: Non-labor with a QAR 5,000 minimum pay required.
  • Family Housing is authorized by relevant authorities.
  • Visitor’s Relation: No age limits, within acceptable limits.
  • Throughout the visitor’s whole stay, health insurance is required.

Implementation and Digital Accessibility:

The Ministry made a point of stating that the updated rules and rules are now in effect. The General Directorate of Passports provides all of its services electronically via the Ministry of Interior’s official website and the Metrash2 app to ensure public ease and comfort.

The changes represent an intentional endeavor on the part of the Ministry to simplify and render clear the procedures related to family enrollment, ensuring compliance with set criteria and making use of digital platforms for effectiveness and accessibility.

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