Punjab Bans Qingqi Rickshaws

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Punjab Bans Qingqi Rickshaws

Punjab’s caretaker provincial government is putting harsh taxes on Qingqi rickshaws. According to details, rickshaws are banned in Lahore as well as Punjab.

According to Ibrahim Hassan Murad, the Caretaker Provincial Minister of Punjab for Transport, Livestock, and Mines & Minerals, the government had given rickshaw owners a 30-day notice.

He also stated that the province authorities will launch a crackdown after the 30-day warning period ends, targeting individuals who are producing motorcycle and loader rickshaws illegally.

In addition, it has been identified to outlaw any rickshaws in big cities that have not received transportation department approval. The next stage of the government’s objective is to start a crackdown in rural and small cities.

Zahid Akhtar Zaman, Chief Secretary of Punjab, had already declared that new Qingqis rickshaws would not be manufactured or sold. Notably, Qingqi rickshaws can register for free for 30 days during the period that the caretaker CM Punjab declared.

to him, 95% of rickshaws in Punjab are unregistered and lack a fitness certificate, which adds to pollution in the environment.

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