LHC orders to seal restaurants having no parking facility

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LHC orders to seal restaurants having no parking facility

As reported by ARY News Lahore, the Lahore High Court (LHC) ordered the authorities to close restaurants without parking facilities on Friday to reduce smog.

The LHC bench issued directives while hearing a petition asking the court to get involved in smog control. The hearing on the application of a citizen, Haroon Farooq, and others was resumed by Justice Shahid Karim.

The LHC also gave the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) a directive to stop parking illegally everywhere in the city, even on service lanes.

The court granted an order to take action against such units after noting that restaurants operating without sufficient parking facilities added to the traffic problems in the city.

According to the LHC bench, illegal parking causes traffic jams and pollution.

After looking for the progress report, the court later postpones the case’s hearing.

What Leads Lahore to Smog?

The heavy smog that surrounds cities in the early days of winter, causing breathing difficulties and other health issues, has been mainly caused by smoke from vehicles, factories, and the burning of crop residue.

Throughout the initial few days of winter in recent years, Punjab was severely impacted by such weather conditions.

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