Air taxi service to commence on June 18

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Air taxi service to commence on June 18

After the ceremony held in Karachi, COO Aslam announced at a press conference that the online application for using the air taxi service would be accessible in a few days.

The COO said that on an urgent basis, timely arrivals and departures could be made to remote locations around the nation via the air taxi service. He stated that there were approximately 29 airstrips spread across the nation for ticketing and landing purposes, with nearly eight of them being fully operational.

He said that both a foreign and a Pakistani corporation were consulted when developing the program. He remarked, “It is highly delighted that the results of the Pakistani company’s developed application are outstanding,” and he said that the application would be employed for the service.

Asim Nawaz, the CEO of Sky Wings,, asserted that they were also receiving inquiries from foreign companies interested in investing in the company. Along with the nine public and private airports in the nation, the service will also be offered from Rahim Yar Khan and Balochistan, he continued.

The service would be gradually extended countrywide, according to CEO Nawaz.

The CEO asserted that the Sky Wings Electric Air Vehicles (EVs), which are a part of the aviation fleet, have a top speed of 300 km and a maximum flight altitude of 14,000 feet.

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