Naila Kiani Makes History by Becoming First Pakistani Woman to Conquer 11 8,000M+ Peaks

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Naila Kiani Makes History

In a remarkable accomplishment, Pakistani mountaineer Naila Kiani has secured her place in climbing history. With resolute determination, Kiani successfully reached the summit of Mount Makalu, achieving a significant milestone in her distinguished climbing career.

Her success on Mount Makalu not only signifies a personal triumph but also establishes a new standard in mountaineering achievements. Notably, Kiani has become Pakistan’s leading female mountaineer to conquer an impressive 11 peaks surpassing 8,000 meters.

In a remarkable demonstration of skill and perseverance, Kiani reached Mount Makalu’s summit at 8:50 AM, according to Pakistani time, joining the ranks of elite climbers.

This notable accomplishment elevates Kiani into an exclusive group of climbers who have conquered 11 of the world’s tallest peaks, underscoring her unparalleled dedication and love for mountaineering. Kiani has cemented her status as one of the most skilled climbers of our era.

 Her impressive achievements also include ascending iconic Mount Everest, the formidable K2, the majestic Lhotse, the challenging Annapurna, and the elusive G1 and G2, among others.

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