PM orders foolproof arrangements as Punjab rivers witness the low-level flood

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PM orders foolproof arrangements as Punjab rivers witness the low-level flood

Monday’s low-level flood at Chashma Barrage in Punjab is being caused by India’s water release. However, a decrease in the downstream of the Indus River is conceivable in the upcoming days. The rivers now have a combined water flow of 425,000 cusecs and a storage capacity of 82 lakh acre feet.

Water from India was released, increasing the flow of the Chenab River at the Marala headworks to 169,000 cusecs, the Khanki headworks to 193,000 cusecs, the Kadirabad headworks to 194,000 cusecs, and the Tareemo headworks to 33,000 cusecs.

In addition, the water flow at Tarbela in the Indus River is 153,000 cusecs, compared to 56,000 cusecs in Nowshera on the Kabul River. Water levels of 226,000 cusecs at the Taunsa Barrage and 210,000 cusecs in the Indus River have both been recorded at Kalabagh.

In addition, the water takes 188,700 cusecs to enter the Guddu Barrage, 144,000 cusecs to exit the Sukkur Barrage, and 29,000 cusecs to reach the sea.

Rescue of people from floodwaters

Meanwhile, in the Tehsil Shakargarh, a joint rescue effort by the Punjab Rangers and Rescue 1122 freed 223 people who were submerged in floodwater.

The majority of people, including women and children, were submerged in floodwaters pouring from India while laboring in the fields.

The PM orders foolproof preparation

The necessary authorities were ordered by the prime minister, Shehbaz Sharif, to put in place failsafe plans to deal with any potential flooding in the rivers of the Ravi, Chenab, and Sutlej.

Additionally, he gave them orders to raise awareness among the populace in the potentially affected areas and to prepare for a prompt and safe evacuation.

The Rangers and Rescue 1122 staff received praise from the prime minister for their prompt evacuation of Shakargarh’s flood victims and aid. He said that responding so quickly efforts saved dozens of people, including women and children. He said, “I, along with the entire nation, give thanks to the country’s hardworking personnel.

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