Elon Musk becomes ‘Elon Khan’ after ‘buying fruits in Pakistan

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Elon Musk becomes 'Elon Khan' after 'buying fruits in Pakistan

On social media, a meme showing Elon Musk edited to look like a Pakistani man wearing Shalwar Qameez has gone viral. The billionaire, who has long been acknowledged as the world’s richest man, can be seen acting desperately impoverished as he strolls along a Pakistani street. Yet how? owing to the fruits he purchased in Pakistan.

Many people in Pakistan are upset and annoyed over the rising cost of fruits, and some even wish to boycott buying them. Yet as always, we find humor in our problems, and this time, a meme is becoming viral on social media.

Families’ iftar meals commonly include fruit chaat during the holy month of Ramadan. With fruit costs skyrocketing, this has become difficult for people.

Some users captioned the picture, “Elon Musk after buying fruits for Fruit chaat in Pakistan.”

On several social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, the meme quickly gained popularity.

“Elon Musk appears to be visiting the poor in Pakistan. He has always seemed generous and kind to me “A user made a mocking remark.

As the meme was widely shared, another person caught the same idea in a different meme. In their joke, Elon Musk lost all of his limbs after purchasing fruits in Pakistan.

The same “Elon Khan” image was also used in another joke.

A rare photo of Elon Musk, who works as an electrician in a remote Pakistani village before relocating to the US in search of better job opportunities, was shared by a user.

image of Elon Musk from Pakistan was displayed by another user.

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