Which Countries Drink the Most Tea?

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Which Countries Drink the Most Tea?

After water, tea is the drink that people drink the most in the world. China, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia were among the largest tea producers in terms of production volume in 2020, according to the FAO’s projection of worldwide tea production at around 7 billion metric tons. The Statista Consumer Market Outlook predicts that by 2025, the value of the global tea market will reach $266.7 billion.

The following graph displays the proportion of tea drinkers in various nations using data from Statista’s Consumer Insights. Nine out of ten people in Turkey said they usually drank a hot beverage in 2022, making Turkey the country with the greatest percentage of tea drinkers.

Kenya, a large producer, and exporter of tea, also scored well among the 56 countries examined, with 83% of its respondents reporting frequent tea drinking.

Although the United Kingdom, known for its love of coffee, came in rather lower at 59% of the total. Although still high, this is around ten percentage points lower than Ireland, a neighboring nation that enjoys its tea. With slightly over a third of the population routinely drinking tea, Spain was closer to the bottom of the list in the global comparison.

From March 27 to March 29, there was a World Tea Conference and Exhibition 2023.

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