Court ordered May 9 cases to proceed without Imran Khan present

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Court ordered May 9 cases to proceed without Imran Khan present

While PTI founder Imran Khan is not present, an anti-terrorism court on Saturday ordered that cases about the May 9 attacks go forward.

The court extended the release until March 1 during the hearing on Imran’s temporary bail inquiries in charges of the arson at Jinnah House, Askari Tower, PML-N House, and other locations.

The PTI founder could not have had his presence recorded because he does not have access to a video link and is not on WhatsApp, said ATC Judge Arshad Javed.

The superintendent of the Adiala jail was found in contempt by the court for failing to use electronic means to guarantee Imran’s attendance, resulting in a several-day delay in the bail plea hearing.

Abdul Jabbar Dogar, the deputy prosecutor, did not raise any objections against the merit-based ruling. The prosecution claimed that since everyone is aware that Imran is now detained at Adiala jail, the accused’s presence is not necessary.

Barrister Salman Safdar, Imran’s attorney, agreed to the idea of finishing the arguments without the accused present and asked the court to decide on temporary bail today.

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