Pakistan’s First WhatsApp-Like Communication App

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Pakistan's First WhatsApp-Like Communication App

The communication tool Beep Pakistan, which covers 41 federal ministries and departments, has finally been made available to government employees by the Ministry of Information Technology. Everyone will soon have access to it as well.

The application has the goal of functioning as an alternative to WhatsApp and other social media platforms. It has capabilities including audio and video calling, and video conferencing, and will be used for secure communication amongst government officials. Users will be able to securely transfer private papers from the government.

The app is initially restricted to federal authorities; nevertheless, in the next stage, it will also be made accessible to provincial agencies. The general public will be able to use this application after government workers.

The government thinks that the application is more safe than alternatives because its server is based in Pakistan. This application’s source code will also be hosted in Pakistan. The app’s connectivity has been facilitated by 83 new projects begun with an Rs. 79 billion investment.

Senior Ministry of IT officials, including Federal Minister for IT and Telecom Syed Amin Ul Haque, attended the Beep Pakistan app launch ceremony.

As to the IT Minister, the debut of this program will put an end to audio and video leaks. He also stated that three new incubation centers had opened in the last four years.

He added:

Pakistan now has 33 smartphone manufacturing companies. Large companies from around the world manufacture mobile phones in Pakistan. IT exports in 2020 were only $1 billion. IT exports have now hit $2.6 billion. Our goal is to increase IT exports to $15 billion by 2020.

According to Syed Amin Ul Haque, important milestones such as the Cyber Security Policy and the Data Protection Bill have also been reached.

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