Malala’s ‘immediate ceasefire’ call for Israel-Hamas clash leaves many livid

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Malala's 'immediate ceasefire' call for Israel-Hamas clash leaves many livid

Malala Yousafzai, an activist, issued a remark on the one-sided “clash” between Israel and Palestine amid a raging internet debate in which celebrities and notable persons are being criticized or praised for the side they support.

“War never spares children – not those kidnapped from their homes in Israel, not those hiding from airstrikes, not those without food and water in Gaza,” the youngest Noble Prize winner continued.

I am in grief today for all the children and people in the Holy Land who yearn for peace and fairness.
Her supporters, fans, admirers, and detractors all responded differently to the message.

Those who supported peace were happy that the activist took the easy way out and demanded an “immediate ceasefire.” Others, on the other hand, pointed out that by “both-siding” the issue—that is, insisting that both parties must stop acting aggressively—Malala had done great harm to Palestinians. This inherently minimizes the importance of the current power disparity between Israelis and Palestinians.

“Calls for anything less than the immediate cessation of the occupation constitute support for Israel at this time. In a nutshell, Should have kept silent instead of spouting this nonsense from both sides. What a fall from grace,” one user of X remarked.

“It’s just…sad that people are using children as a convenient scapegoat to easily ignore the enormous power disparity that exists between the two sides and the history of atrocities done over many years. Another person added, “It would have been better to keep quiet.
There comes a point, particularly in specific circumstances, where it matters what type of platform you have and how you need to say things to make the utmost most of your position in society, as one X user noticed.

The statement that follows is a representation of the exact opposite. Someone else questioned, “Has there ever been a Nobel Peace Prize winner who, after winning the award, did not disappoint when it came to standing up for the cause of the oppressed?”
Given that she was a war survivor, a user of the microblogging platform commented, “One would hope that she would realize how important it is to fight back against people invading your land and halt a literal genocide. She is being extremely diplomatic, I can see that. I feel a little disappointed.

Another person said, “What irritates me is that everyone talks about how quiet things were before this and how Palestinian women and children weren’t getting killed and abused daily.

Why didn’t this many people speak up about the oppression Palestine has endured for the past 75 years?
“I think at this point all of us know that you went through a war,” said one user of the site formerly known as Twitter. Additionally, you are attending the Academy Awards in gowns from Ralph Lauren. to let you know. It would be excellent to have some insight into what is occurring in Palestine.

People even shared a screenshot of one of her own earlier posts to demonstrate how she reacted differently to Ukraine and Palestine. The person next to it said, “While she explicitly rejects the Russian war, [while] supporting Israeli aggression.”

However, many supported her. Malala’s support for Palestine extends beyond the usual tweets and pronouncements.

Her assistance is the kind that changes things on the ground. according to an X user, One might agree or disagree with her tweet, but calling her a “Western agent” or “foreign stooge” just demonstrates jealousy and hatred of trivial, unimportant individuals. Another person remarked, “The haters will never stop. Because she had been shot, she was bullied.

It’s simple to criticize her, but incredibly difficult to accept what she does. She will regrettably always be held to a higher standard than real elected politicians who have actual authority to take action.

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