SBP will not issue new currency on Eid

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The new currency will not issue on Eid SBP

The demand for crisp, new currency notes in various values for Eidi is on the rise in the run-up to Eid ul Fitr, and individuals are looking for ways to obtain new currency notes to give to children as part of Eidi.

In children’s minds, the traditional financial presents known as “Eidi” are what distinguish Eid ul Fitr from Eid ul Adha as a larger and more pleasant holiday.

Every year on the day of Eid, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) issues billions of new currency notes. According to a spokeswoman for the central bank,, the central bank would not be issuing new currency notes for the general population this time.

When is Eid ul Fitr 2023?

Although most people anticipate that Eid ul Fitr would occur on April 21, Ruet-e-Hilal Research Council Secretary General Khalid Aijaz has rejected the notion, claiming that the moon won’t be visible on April 20.

In a previous interview with Geo News, the official stated that the crescent symbolizing the start of Shawwal will be spotted following the conclusion of 30 days of Ramadan, which will cause Eid ul Fitr to fall on April 22, Saturday.

Aijaz also predicted the time of the moon sighting, stating that the new crescent will be born at 9:13 am on April 20 and that its age will be less than 10 hours that day.

Even if the sky is clear on April 20th, the moon wouldn’t be visible, according to him, because the duration must be more than 19 hours.

Since the first Shawwal will fall on April 22 and Ramadan will extend for 30 days, any report that is received on April 20 will be untrue.

The Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee will convene on April 20 to observe the crescent moon for Eid ul Fitr, according to a statement released on Tuesday by the Religious Affairs Ministry.

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