Only 10% it graduates employable: SBP

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Only 10% it graduates employable SBP

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has released a half-year report that contains alarming statistics on the growing gap between Pakistan’s academic and IT sectors. Only 10% of IT graduates possess the necessary abilities to get employment in the IT industry, according to this research on the nation’s economic situation.

This skill gap is a serious threat to the future growth of the IT industry in the era of developing Artificial Intelligence (AI). In the modern world, the IT industry has always been crucial to the economic development of any nation. The current state of affairs, however, raises the alarming prospect that, out of Pakistan’s 20,000 to 25,000 fresh graduates in the engineering and IT fields each year, only 10% are equipped with the fundamental IT skills necessary to address the issue of industrial development in the nation.

Additionally, despite an increase in the number of graduates entering the market, a poll by SBP found that the majority of IT companies have trouble finding qualified personnel since the majority of them lack the skills necessary to meet the changing demands of the digital world. Therefore, the experts emphasise that it is urgently vital to work on an education system that not only meets worldwide standards but also instills the skills needed by the market’s IT sectors.

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