National Foods Ltd Invests Rs. 7 Billion to Establish its Largest Production Plant

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National Foods Limited

National Foods Limited (NFL) opened its largest, most advanced manufacturing plant in Faisalabad With a Rs. 7 billion investment.
“We are delighted to inaugurate our new production facility which marks a monumental milestone for us, affirming our commitment to serve the nation’s growing demand for high-quality food products while boosting employment and export opportunities,” stated Abrar Hasan, Global CEO of National Foods.

The plant, which includes 30 acres, will enable NFL to create over 600 jobs while servicing its nation and helping the company to develop its export results greatly.

Its advanced production plant will manufacture 6000 tonnes of spices, recipe mixes, ketchup, mayonnaise, Chinese sauces, seasonings, and Kasuri Methi per month. It additionally utilizes cutting-edge technology.

NFL’s international reach covers 40 countries on five continents, offering genuine Pakistani flavors that help Pakistanis living abroad rediscover their rich cultural history.

The company continues to offer exclusive products of premium quality; it has subsidiaries in the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and North America. Most recently, it expanded its supply chain center in Canada.

Founded in 1970 and later reorganized into a public limited company, National Foods has been a significant participant in the food industry for over 50 years. It is known for its unique and premium product portfolio, which consists of 250 products across 12 major categories.

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