ICC World Cup: Pakistani YouTubers deny applying for Indian visa

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ICC World Cup Pakistani YouTubers deny applying for Indian visa

Amid allegations that India’s visa for the ICC World Cup 2023 has been rejected, Pakistani YouTubers have opposed these reports, asserting that they did not apply for it.

Several YouTubers, including Nadir Ali, Momin Saqib, Saadur Rehman aka “Ducky Bhai,” and an Indian TikToker residing in the UAE known as “Love Khaani,” who pretends to be a Pakistani, have reportedly not received visas for the major event.

These rumors acquired notoriety due to unanticipated delays in visas for Pakistani players who had to alter their plans for the event and arrived in Hyderabad last night.

In reaction to these accusations, Ducky Bhai said reports are going around that he applied for an Indian visa for the ICC World Cup 2023, but it was rejected.

“Please be aware that this is ENTIRELY FAKE news. Regarding this incident, I never applied for a visa. Always verify the facts before pinning and disseminating any news, he advised in a statement on X, formerly known as Twitter.

On the other hand, Momin Saqib referred to these reports as “fake” and urged people not to trust unreliable sources.

“It’s been reported that my Indian visa application was denied. Just to be clear, I haven’t even applied yet! The significance of fact-checking and confirming news from reliable sources before disseminating false information is something else I’d want to emphasize at this time. Thank you.

It should be highlighted that fans and journalists from Pakistan are still waiting for their visas to enter the main event.

The competition consisted of 48 games played over 46 days at ten different venues, with the championship match set for November 19.

In Hyderabad, Pakistan will take on New Zealand on September 29 and Australia on October 3 in two exhibition games.

Before playing India on October 14 at the more than 130,000-seat Ahmedabad Stadium, Pakistan will open its World Cup campaign against the Netherlands.

India’s campaign will begin on October 8 with a match against Australia, followed by the eagerly awaited contest against Pakistan.

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