PCBDA Launches Innovative ‘Blue Road’ Concept in Lahore

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Pakistan Gets Asia’s First ‘Blue Road’ in Lahore

LAHORE: In Lahore, Pakistan, the Punjab Central Business District Development Authority (PCBDDA) has unveiled a ground-breaking idea known as “Blue Road” that seeks to update the city’s infrastructure while enhancing the quality of life for its citizens.

According to the statement, Lahore is the first city in Asia to use this revolutionary technology.

The “Blue Roads” have been developed to provide a sustainable alternative to traditional asphalt roads, according to sources.

The new technology has savings in energy and heat observation capabilities that lessen contaminants and support a healthier environment.

The cutting-edge roads also make use of a unique coating that redirects sunlight to lessen the heat that the road surface absorbs.

The reflective coating additionally improves nighttime driver visibility, improving traffic safety.

Imran Amin, CEO of PCBDDA, continues to keep a watch on the project’s construction to make sure it is completed by the deadline set by interim Chief Minister of Punjab Mohsin Raza Naqvi.

The Blue Road concept, which has previously been successfully implemented in several of European and Middle Eastern nations like the Netherlands, France, and Qatar, excited Imran about introducing it to Pakistan.

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