Hiba Bukhari replaces Dur-e-Fishan as lead in the upcoming new drama

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Hiba Bukhari replaces Dur-e-Fishan as lead in the upcoming new drama

Lollywood star Dur-e-Fishan Saleem’s career is currently flourishing, and she has several exciting forthcoming projects. With the enormous success of her program Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi.

One such project was the upcoming drama Jhok Sial, in which she was set to star opposite Farhan Saeed. Jhok Sial was expected to be a highly anticipated production because it was written by the renowned Hashim Nadeem, who wrote the stirring Parizaad for Hum TV, and was directed by Saife Hassan, the man behind popular dramas like Sang e Mah and Ehd e Wafa.

She would no longer be a part of the project, though, and Bukhari would now play the role of the female lead. Although the reason for Dur-e-Fishan from the show has not yet been announced, Hiba is no stranger to the small screen, having won over audiences with her performances in several hit shows. Hiba has established herself as a talented and diverse actor with her work in Mere Humnasheen and her many character roles.

Jhok Sial is certain to be an interesting addition to the Pakistani television landscape with the new combo of Hiba and Farhan. Audiences are eagerly awaiting further information about the program, and it is obvious that both women are well-positioned to make an impact on the industry.

Fans were moved by the news in a variety of ways. While some people were disappointed by Dur-e- Fishan’s others were pleased to see Hiba take the lead.

Bukhari has recently appeared in several projects, including Inteha e Ishq, Berukhi, Meray Humnasheen, Pehchaan, and Ishq Nahin Aasan.

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