Cerkutay and Aygül From Kuruluş Osman Tie Knot in Wedding

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Cerkutay and Aygül From Kuruluş Osman Tie Knot in Wedding

Cerkutay and Aygül from Kuruluş: As Turkish actresses, Çağrı Şensoy and Buse Arslan made vows in a lovely wedding ceremony, Osman got married in real life.

The two Turkish actors, who are well-known for their on-screen chemistry in the Turkish historical drama, have now been married for an official ceremony, proving that love knows no boundaries between real life and on-screen existence.

The celebrities, who had previously revealed their engagement, said “I do” in a lovely wedding ceremony that won their fans’ hearts.

Aar Ensoy and Buse Arslan’s real-life wedding went viral on social media, with Pakistani admirers raving over the couple’s stunning wedding.

The couple’s wedding photos, which portrayed their happiness and love on their special day, quickly went viral.

Aygül, name Buse Arslan, posted pictures of the wedding and a sweet statement expressing her happiness. The caption on Buse, which was in Turkish, stated

Yes, yes, yes! Another happiest day was added to our happiest days. We embrace you all. We embrace your support throughout our journey, your dance accompanying us, and your understanding when we stumble. Our family, friends, and loved ones, we are grateful to have chosen each other.

The journey of Çağrı Şensoy and Buse Arslan from playing loved characters on television to starting a lifelong journey together has touched the hearts of their fans, who continue to celebrate their love and union.

As they celebrated the happiness of their favorite celebs, admirers and well-wishers filled social media with messages of congratulations and good wishes.

Fans eagerly anticipate their upcoming projects and expect to see Çağrı Şensoy and Buse Arslan’s on-screen chemistry once more, this time enhanced by their real-life love and dedication. As they start this new chapter in their lives, Çağrı Şensoy and Buse Arslan have a large fan base.

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