Bilawal endorses PTI’s call for a judicial commission to probe May 9 riots

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Bilawal endorses PTI's call for a judicial commission to probe May 9 riots

PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari In his first statement during a session of the 16th National Assembly supported the PTI’s demand for a judicial panel to investigate the May 9 riots.

On the assembly floor, Bilawal stated that he supported the earlier demand by recently elected K-P chief minister Ali Amin Gandapur. A judicial commission to look into the protests that broke out on May 9 after PTI founder Imran Khan was taken into custody outside the Islamabad High Court (IHC) had previously been demanded by the KP-CM.

In line with Gandapur’s demand, Bilawal stated that all parties concerned should accept the findings of this kind of inquiry.

He additionally stressed that instead of exchanging insults and harsh words in the parliament, Pakistan has to be guided out of its current situation by communication and reconciliation.

“You may see Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s name carved on the foundation stone when you enter this building. I am the third generation of my family’s representative to be elected to this House. Speaking on the lower house floor, the PPP chairman declared, “We will make ourselves and the people of Pakistan strong by strengthening this democratic institution.”

The PPP scion added that we will damage democracy and ourselves if we weaken the Parliament institution.

The former foreign minister urged the elderly to make decisions that would help youths, saying, “Our elders who have become members of this house five or six times should create good traditions.”

The former minister went on to say that traditions need to be created so that our future generations will remember us. He concluded by saying, “When next members come here, they shall remember us in their prayers, not abuse.”

He reminded other MPs that, at this moment in time when many are facing financial difficulties, all eyes are on them across the country.

PTI leader Omar Ayub’s remarks that his speech will be edited on TV drew criticism from Bilawal, who said “We should not continue this tradition,” which was started during Imran Khan’s tenure.

He maintained that politicians and politicians need their code of conduct.

Maintaining that a split mandate prevented any one party from dominating the government, Bilawal emphasized the necessity for partnership and expressed faith in Shehbaz Sharif’s premiership to improve the existing state of circumstances.

Bilawal also congratulated the four province chief ministers and Omar Ayub, the leader of the opposition, on their victory. “This House belongs to all of us.”

“If we do not accept someone as the prime minister, then we do not have the right to criticize him,” he stated while expressing his hope that PM Shehbaz would make choices that will help the people.

The leader of the PPP stated that the country requires electoral and judicial reforms and asked for the opposition’s help on these matters.

“This nation’s foreign minister has been me. It is accurate, as stated by Omar Ayub, that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs maintains a cypher copy. Ayub claimed yesterday that the missing paper was the fault of the bureaucracy.

What if Imran Khan hadn’t acknowledged that the copy was missing in the first place? What would happen if the enemy managed to obtain a copy? The code would allow them to access all prior cyphers.

Everyone is aware that a copy of this cipher was purposefully released in the world media. Regarding the Cypher case, Bilawal declared, “This is also condemned.”

Bilawal stated that the Constitution “applies to all of us” and that the defendant in the Cypher case should be punished by the law. “If I deviate from the Constitution, punish me.”

As Bilawal was speaking, representatives of the PPP and PML-N encircled him and PM Shehbaz. The Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC) was chanting “Go Zardari Go.”

A sour conversation between a PPP MNA and a SIC also occurred during the session. To defuse the situation, Speaker Ayaz Sadiq had to step in.

PM Shehbaz complimented PPP chairman Bilawal on his effective speech after it ended.

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