Urvashi wishes Naseem Shah on his birthday

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Urvashi wishes Naseem Shah on his birthday

The actress also expressed her congratulations to Naseem on achieving an honorary DSP rank from the Balochistan Police.

Urvashi Rautela, a Bollywood actress, raised questions when she posted a birthday wish for Pakistani bowler Naseem Shah.The bowler joined his Quetta Gladiators teammates in cutting cake to mark his 20th birthday today.

On Naseem’s Instagram photo, in which the pacer wished Shadab Khan luck on his nuptials, Rautela left a comment. The actress also gave Naseem her congratulations on receiving an honorary DSP rank from the Balochistan Police.

“Happy birthday to Naseem Shah. Congratulations on receiving the honorary DSP rank, “Rautela said.

Additionally acknowledging Rautela’s salutation, Naseem said, “Thank you.”

Users must follow Urvashi to see her post; otherwise, they won’t be able to see her comment on Naseem Shah’s photo.

After the September 4 Asia Cup game, Rautela released an Instagram video showing Pakistan’s bowler.

In a video she shared, Rautela could be seen cheering on India against Pakistan. The video also contained glimpses of Naseem Shah, with Atif Aslam’s “Koi Tujhko Na Mujhse Chura Le” playing in the background. Although she erased the video after it got viral, users made sure it did.

When asked about the Indian actress, Naseem responded that he had never heard of Urvashi.

I’ am Simling on your question. Who Urvashi is I don’t know. I simply concentrate on my game. I receive videos from people, but I have no idea. I am nothing special, but I respect and appreciate those who come to see me play cricket “Naseem said.

On her Instagram account, Urvashi Rautela explained the popular video, saying it was just “fan-made lovely edits.” She also urged the media to avoid reporting it in any manner.

Urvashi unfollowed the Pakistan pacer after he revealed he doesn’t know who she truly is, but Pakistanis were quick to notice that she was following Naseem Shah on Instagram.Now it appears that they are both aware of one another and friendly with one another.

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