GCU Lahore Introduces Free Education Program

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GCU Lahore Introduces Free Education Program

Recently, Government College University (GCU) Lahore presented a brand-new initiative for free education. This program is intended for people who genuinely love to study.

‘Free Education for All’ will be a pilot initiative in the Institute of History during the forthcoming Fall semester of 2023, according to a press statement from GCU Vice-Chancellor (VC) Prof. Dr. Asghar Zaidi. The program will be extended to additional departments in later phases.

This will allow people to enroll in classes focusing on learning rather than just obtaining degrees and grades. Participants will be permitted to choose courses from the university‘s wide selection of degree programs.

No formal degrees will be awarded upon completion, and neither the tests nor the assignments will be assessed. Nevertheless, attendees will get the opportunity to study with well-qualified faculty members.

no matter their age, color, religion, educational background, or financial situation, Prof. Zaidi stressed the need of ensuring that all people have access to education.

A police verification process, a university card costing Rs. 200, and clearance from the Chairperson and the instructor of the desired program or course are all requirements for enrolment in this program.

The Institute of Global and Historical Studies’ three departments of History, Art History, and Archive Studies will be the first to carry out this program at the university. The program will, however, be made available to additional departments starting in the 2024 spring semester.

Prof. Zaidi expressed his belief that this strategy would transform the teaching and learning process. Students from various backgrounds will create a thought-provoking atmosphere in a single class, fostering mature debates and facilitating a well-rounded educational experience.

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