You Can Now Pay Your Phone’s PTA Approval in Installments

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You Can Now Pay Your Phone’s PTA Approval in Installments

The economic situation in Pakistan is at a record low. Importing a smartphone is ridiculously expensive because of the depreciating value of our currency and the huge tax burden.

Mid-range phones cost over Rs. 100,000, while flagships cost up to Rs. 300,000 and more. Retail pricing is out of this world, and the need to pay for PTA clearances drives costs even higher.

Yet, a recent development should make things slightly more doable for the general public.

Only certain smartphones are eligible for installment payments on PTA clearances through Bank Alfalah’s online marketplace Alfa Mall. These phones include the iPhone 13, all iPhone 14 series phones, and the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra.

These phones’ total PTA costs range from Rs. 130,000 to Rs. 190,000, however, they can be paid off with no interest throughout a period of 3 to 6 months. Simply select an installment payment option, add your CNIC number and phone’s IMEI code, and you’re done.

The PTA approval procedure may take up to 3–5 working days to complete. The merchant will call you to confirm your approval in addition to sending you an email.

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