COAS lauded ASP Shehrbano for saving woman from a mob attack

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COAS lauded ASP Shehrbano for saving woman from a mob attack

According to the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), Assistant Superintendent of Police Syeda Shehrbano Naqvi paid a visit to General Syed Asim Munir, the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), on Wednesday at the General Headquarters.

According to the statement, the discussion focused on her bravery in a tense circumstance in Ichra Bazaar in Lahore on February 26, 2024, when she prevented a mob attack in Lahore by successfully rescuing a woman wearing a dress with Arabic calligraphy emblazoned on it.

The COAS praised ASP Shehrbano for her unselfish dedication to duty and emphasized the importance of recognizing the crucial role that Pakistani women play in all facets of life. “Since independence, Pakistani women have distinguished themselves at home and abroad by their talent, tenacity, and commitment.,” he said.

“An invaluable part of Pakistan’s society and their respect is enshrined in our religion as well as our social ethos,” said the army chief, highlighting the importance of women in Pakistani society. He called for acknowledging women’s contributions to the country, which are vital.

The COAS used the occasion to emphasize the value of social harmony and the need for a national agreement on reducing intolerance. He supported the rule of law and opposed using vigilantism to resolve disputes when there were legal channels available. Islam’s enduring message of kindness and benevolence is reinforced by Gen. Munir’s statement that “arbitrary actions based on heresy undermine the societal outlook.”

The army chief praised law enforcement for their efforts in securing Pakistani civilians and expressed gratitude for the sacrifices they had made.

According to ASP Shehr Bano Naqvi, who on Monday prevented a mob attack in Lahore by rescuing a young woman wearing clothing with Arabic calligraphy emblazoned on it, the incident happened as a result of “mere confusion” and “miscommunication.”

In an interview with reporters, the police officer declined to identify the woman. She went on to say that there were no Quranic passages in the calligraphy on the woman’s clothing.

She added that the clothing relates to a brand with an office in a foreign Muslim nation. “The word written [on the clothes] is doing the rounds on social media meaning of the word is sincerity, love, goodness, life, humanity,” she said.

ASP Shehr Bano replied to an additional request by saying that the woman and her husband were inside the shop when a man in the neighborhood approached them and instructed them to change. This was the start of the whole event.

“The woman asked why she should change, and during that tense exchange, people began to congregate because they thought it was a religious issue.

Therefore, the official stated, “The situation developed because of simple confusion, miscommunication, lack of verification, and playing on mob psychology.”

A Punjab Police policewoman’s determined action prevented a potentially disastrous incident in Lahore.

Maryam Nawaz Sharif, newly elected chief minister of Punjab, honored Shehr Bano, praising her extraordinary bravery and shrewdness.

The policewoman’s swift action averted a possible disaster Maryam stated, highlighting the crucial significance of her efforts.

Maryam told ASP Shehr Bano, “We take immense pride in your valor.” She was thankful.
The CM-elect stated that Shehr Bano preserved the dignity of the law and humanity while upholding the ideals of justice and compassion in the face of extreme strain and difficult circumstances.

She related the dramatic incidents outside a restaurant in the capital of Punjab to the BBC in the meantime. It would have become worse if I hadn’t screamed and persuaded the crowd that we would take action. Thank God, said Shehr Bano Naqvi, ASP of Gulberg Circle.

When a misunderstanding caused the mob to accuse a woman of blasphemy, this brave cop found herself at the center of a fast-intensifying fight. The phrase “Halwa,” which translates to “beautiful or sweet” in Arabic, was printed in Arabic characters on the woman’s garment.

Shehr Bano reacted quickly to calm the situation and keep it from becoming tragic, exhibiting incredible bravery and presence of mind.

Her bold efforts have won her a lot of praise; in fact, Punjab Police Chief Dr. Usman Anwar has called for her to be awarded an award for her extraordinary bravery.

Shehr Bano’s steadfast loyalty in the face of impending peril not only protected the lives of those in danger but also prevented possible violence and unrest.

It was a crucial moment. Shehr Bano highlighted the gravity of the situation and said, “I had to act quickly to ensure the woman’s safety and prevent any harm from coming to her.”

Amid the escalating mob, the policewoman and her colleagues safely escorted the woman to safety. Social media videos show the tense environment, with Shehr Bano trying to restore calm by conversing with the mob while there are chants for the woman to take off her clothing.

Shehr Bano went on, “It was a tense situation, but we had to maintain control and ensure the safety of everyone involved,” emphasizing the challenges that law enforcement faces in situations of this kind.

When someone alleged that the girl had Quranic verses on her dress, the situation turned ugly. Telling the mob it was merely an Arabic calligraphy print, a few store owners stood up for the girl and gave her a home in one of their shops.

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