At least 14 Fishermen missing after Boat Capsizes near Thatta

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At least 14 Fishermen missing after Boat Capsizes near Thatta

Local sources said that at least 14 fishermen went missing on Wednesday after their boat capsized close to Thatta.

About 45 fishermen onboard the boat, Al-Asad; after the event, 31 of them were rescued.

The fishermen from the biggest fishing hamlet in Karachi, Ibrahim Hyderi, left on Monday afternoon and were scheduled to return on Wednesday.

According to survivor Riaz, the boat was overloaded and they were unaware of inclement weather. “I couldn’t save him despite all my efforts,” he stated, adding that “my brother was also with me.”
The list of missing fishermen, which includes Ahmed Bangali, Shakeel Bengali, Sajjad, Hasho, Riaz Ashraf, Noor Alam, Rahim, Sher Mallah, Muneer, Alam Bengali, Qayoom, and Hussain, was supplied by Mehran Shah, Chairman of the Pakistan FisherFolk Forum (PFF).

“The families are in agony,” Shah stated, stressing the urgent necessity for rescue efforts.

He chastised the government for its inaction, noting out that the Sindh government has not made any announcements or visited the bereaved families to convey its sympathies.

“This is not the first incident where fishermen have been left at the mercy of nature,” Shah stated.

departed Sikandar, Koki’s father, begged for his son’s return, pointing out that Koki’s wedding was scheduled for after the fasting month of Ramadan.

He said that his son was the family’s only source of income. Koki’s mother, Najma, repeated her husband’s pleas to the government to ensure her son’s safe recovery.

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