Imran Ashraf and Iqra Aziz Recreate the Magic of “Ranjha Ranjha Kardi”

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Imran Ashraf and Iqra Aziz Recreate the Magic of "Ranjha Ranjha Kardi"

In the field of Pakistani dramas, “Ranjha Ranjha Kardi” is known as a modern classic, in large part due to the brilliant direction of Kashif Nisar.

Imran Ashraf was thrust into the limelight as the lead actor because of this attaching story, and viewers still have strong memories of him as Bhola.

Audiences were enthralled by Imran’s magnetic chemistry with Iqra Aziz, who played the feisty Noori and left wanting more.

The renowned combination had been away from television for some time, but Imran Ashraf, a skilled actor, recently assumed the position of presenter on “Mazaaq Raat.”

When Iqra appeared on the show as a guest, fate smiled upon the viewers and provided a wonderful opportunity to recreate the enticing Noori-Bhola chemistry.

Both of them were seen in the show’s amazing opener donning their iconic character outfits, perfectly fitting back into the roles that had won hearts. As they watched Noori and Bhola’s charismatic development, the audience cheered with joy.

Everyone was filled with nostalgia and respect as the skit came to a touching finish when Imran Ashraf, playing the part, bowed down and gave Iqra Aziz a flower.

In the comments section, fans cheered the actors and expressed their happiness.

Ashraf performed in the dramas Chaudhry and Sons, Piyar Ke Naghmay, and Heer Da Hero as a working actor.

Iqra is renowned for playing the lead in several television serials, including Suno Chanda, Socha Na Tha, Deewana, Kisay Chahoon, and many other popular Dramas.

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