Hyundai Launches Electric Flying Taxi

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Hyundai Launches Electric Flying Taxi

Hyundai is embracing the future of urban transportation with its latest electric flying vehicle, the S-A2, developed by its air mobility division, Supernal.

 Unveiled at CES, this cutting-edge vehicle is designed for short city trips, covering distances ranging from 25 to 40 miles.

 Its primary features include environmental friendliness, comfort, and incorporation of innovative technology.

The S-A2 operates using eight tilting rotors and an electric propulsion system strategically distributed for efficient and reliable flight.

 Hyundai has prioritized a quiet operation, targeting noise levels of 65 dB, equivalent to a dishwasher, during takeoff and landing.

 During cruising, it becomes even quieter at 45 dB, seamlessly integrating into urban environments without causing disturbances.

 Hyundai is committed to sustainable practices and is exploring various battery options, including lithium-metal and solid-state batteries, showcasing a strong dedication to eco-friendly solutions and technological advancement.

Utilizing its extensive production network, Hyundai plans to manufacture these flying taxis to maintain high quality while simultaneously reducing production costs.

This aligns with their broader objective of making modern air travel accessible and cost-effective for urban dwellers.

Hyundai’s air mobility division aims to obtain certification in the US by mid-2024, with plans for flight tests later in the same year. The official launch of the S-A2 is anticipated in 2028, representing a significant stride in Hyundai’s vision for the future of city air travel.

With its innovative design, emphasis on sustainability, and strategic production approach, Hyundai positions itself as a leader in the evolving market of electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles (eVTOL), with the ambition to transform urban travel experiences.

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