US Protesters Block a Ship Allegedly Shipping Weapons to Israel

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US Protesters Block a Ship Allegedly Shipping Weapons to Israel

Hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters gathered at the Port of Tacoma in the US state of Washington, believing to block a military supply vessel thought to be carrying weapons and other military hardware went for Israel, as a show of support for the unprotected Palestinians in Gaza.

Demonstrators assembled against the ongoing Israeli violence in the Gaza Strip, where over 10,000 innocent Palestinians have been slain, under dismal skies and heavy downpours.

The protesters asked for an immediate end to violence as well as a review of US foreign policy and support for Israel. One of the protesters at the Tacoma display, Wassim Hage, declared, “We want a ceasefire now.” We want the murders to end quickly.

We want murders to end now. We want an in-depth inquiry and reaction concerning US foreign policy and funding to Israel.

US Foreign Policy and Support for Israel

As part of Israel’s military invasion in Gaza, Hage claims they obtained information from a confidential source suggesting the ship, known as the Cape Orlando, was laden with armaments and military hardware. A Pentagon spokesperson named Jeff Jurgensen acknowledged that the ship was used to facilitate the transport of US military supplies, but he would not explain.

Young activists and Indigenous warriors were among the protestors who brandished Palestinian flags, held posters that read “Defend Gaza,” and yelled anti-Israeli slogans like “Free Palestine” and “Not another nickel, not another dime, no more money for Israel’s crimes!”  to obstruct traffic near the port to voice their strong opposition to the transfer of weapons and ammunition to Israel.

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