Pakistan to send humanitarian aid to Gaza

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Pakistan to send humanitarian aid to Gaza

On Monday, Pakistan declared it would immediately provide humanitarian aid to Gaza as Israel continued to bombard the heavily populated region with airstrikes and prepared for a land offensive.

The Foreign Office released a statement that said, “In the wake of indiscriminate Israeli aggression and the siege of the Gaza Strip, the already oppressed people of the densely populated Gaza are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.”

According to the statement, the Pakistani government immediately provided humanitarian aid to Gaza in response to the human tragedy that is now taking place there. This would help relieve the agony of the Palestinian family members.

“The government is working with the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, pertinent UN organizations, the government of Egypt, and Pakistan missions abroad to finalize the delivery modalities,” it was noted.

The Israeli soldiers present are continuing their savage attack while also cutting off water, electricity, and other supplies, putting about 2.3 million Palestinians in danger of a humanitarian catastrophe.

It was unclear, despite the announcement, if Pakistan would be able to send the aid because Israel had forbidden other nations in the region from doing so.

Egypt, Gaza’s next-door neighbor, wants to provide aid through Rafah Crossing in exchange for allowing Americans and other foreign nationals to enter the besieged region. Israel hasn’t yet accepted the suggestion, though.

Jalil Abbas Jilani, the minister of foreign affairs, spoke with his counterparts from Iran and Egypt over the phone on Monday to address the situation in Gaza, especially the massacre of civilians.

The large-scale uprooting of Palestinians from their homes was another topic of debate between the foreign minister and his Iranian counterpart Hossein Amir Abdollahian.

To stop the war from worsening and provide humanitarian aid, both parties agreed that immediate action was required.

Both parties concurred that immediate action was required to stop the violence from growing and to provide humanitarian aid.

Foreign Minister Jilani also spoke with Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri to coordinate a reaction to the ongoing fighting in Gaza.

They emphasized in their meeting that civilians must be protected from collective punishment, famine, and displacement in addition to stopping the violence from growing. The foreign minister also pledged Pakistan’s humanitarian support.

On Sunday, acting foreign minister Jalil Abbas Jilani referred to Israel’s continuous treatment of Palestinians as “genocide”.

“Palestine is undoubtedly a very, very, crucial subject for us. We will talk about the current situation. Israel has engaged in aggression, there is no question about that, Jilani told reporters during a news conference.

The foreign minister referred to Israeli attacks against civilians that claimed “several innocent men, women, and children” as a result.

He bemoaned the lack of access to food, water, and medical services for Gaza’s besieged citizens.

“This is a situation that is comparable to genocide. In actuality, Israel is committing genocide against the helpless Palestinians.

Israel must abide by United Nations decisions that recognize the right to self-determination, he continued, according to Pakistan.

We believe that the seven decades of illegal occupation of Palestinian areas are also to blame for this.

He added that Pakistan required respect for the Palestinians’ right to self-determination and that “any attempt to equate Israel, which is an aggressor, with the Palestinian struggle is unacceptable for Pakistan.”

The interim foreign minister demanded that Palestine be acknowledged as a distinct state with borders from before 1967 and Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital. “That remains Pakistan’s consistent position about this particular issue,” he said.

The Executive Committee of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation will meet in Saudi Arabia on October 18 as the Israeli ground invasion in the densely populated Gaza Strip looms large. The interim foreign minister of Pakistan, who is a member of the executive committee, is expected to attend the extraordinary session.

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